The saying “what a man can do a woman can do better” is not a phrase to equate the male gender to that of the female. Yet some ladies are equal to the task. It’s is more common to find male bloggers in tech/blogging niche, you hardly find a female. Today I bring to you on bloggers spotlight Grace Joseph of, a female tech blogger. Read what she has to tell us about herself and her blog.

Bloggers Spotlight - Grace Joseph of Detutor Dot Com

Q. Can you tell us a little about yourself and your blog(s)?

I’m Grace Joseph, a 20 year old blogger from Cross River State Nigeria. Presently, I’m a student studying Computer Science in University of Calabar. Although I’m more of a tech blogger, I also run an entertainment blog. These are deTutor which centers on tutorials on blogger design, SEO techniques and programming, and Newzville is all about trending news update around the world.

Q. How long have you been blogging and how did you get started?

It’s been a year and some months now. I’ve always had the desire to create and own a website even though I didn’t know how to go about it. I started off with a Facebook Page, managing it daily, and then I lost interest and wanted something different. The next idea I had was, ‘why don’t I just go ahead and create the website I’d always wanted’. I created my first blog in the entertainment niche, everything was based on trial and error. The more time I spent on the blog, the more intrigued I became. All the things I could learn in a day about blogging really sparked my interest to blog, and so it has to this day.

Q. It’s so rare to find a female blogger in tech niche, what made you go into this niche?

I’ve always loved things related to tech even before I began blogging. When you consider my course of study, you’ll agree that the niche I’ll most likely be interested in is tech.

Although my first blog was an entertainment blog, just like the Facebook page, I lost interest because I had no passion for it. I just got tired of doing the same thing everyday with no positive changes. Other than being exhausted, I was discouraged. One will wonder why I didn’t go for a different niche like health but it’s not one I’m conversant with. It couldn’t be fashion either, it’s not like I know what color goes with
Within me, I still had the desire to blog and write what I know which was tech related. It was during that period I created my second blog deTutor. It’s content were the mobile and social network tricks I’d always known. With just some posts, it performed better than my first blog in terms of traffic, search engine visibility. Though the traffic was still poor, but knowing that the little pageviews I got was to posts I’d spent time writing myself, it was satisfying and at the same time encouraging. To me, the tech blog had the potential to succeed so I chose the niche.
Q. I know quite well that you are a student, how do you manage both academic work and blogging?

To manage blogging effectively, and not hurt my grades in the process, I blog mostly during holidays and weekends. On weekdays when I’m busy with school engagements, I spend my leisure time building backlinks to my blog. This way, I’m not neglecting the blog entirely.

Q. What do you find most challenging about your niche?
Limitations to what I can write. There are areas I don’t have vast knowledge in, and learning will require the use of certain devices which I don’t have access to, this sets a limit to what I can write.
Q. What annoying character do you dislike about some bloggers?
Dishonesty. Bloggers who are only out for the money and will stop at nothing to get it even if it means ripping off their fellow bloggers.
Q. How would someone or you describe your blogging style?

It’s the specific post method. This basically involves a how-to post, or a post with code snippets and screenshots. I don’t focus on a broad topic but instead delve into something more narrow.

Q. What do you do when you are not working on your blog?

I spend time developing web applications, increasing the number of followers on my Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages. Most of my leisure time is spent on the internet, there’s always something that needs to be done.

Q. Will you call yourself a fulltime blogger? Do you consider yourself a problogger?

For now, I’m definitely not a full time blogger. About being a problogger? No, I haven’t reached that level yet.

Q. What’s the best thing a blogger can give to her readers?

Quality content that is in trend and meets the readers needs.

Q. What has been your strategy for creating visibility to yourself and your blog?

Sharing of my blog’s posts to social networks, social bookmarking sites and forums in order to give my blog the required exposure it needs. Also I don’t neglect the off page search engine optimization technique of link building.

Q. What is the most challenging thing about your blog content development process and why?
The major drawback is power failure. Since it’s a tech blog, to actually write a quality post will require hours of research, and ensuring that what I’m publishing has been tried and tested. Though I have the zeal to write on my blog, living in a country where having constant power supply is a luxury makes it hard to spend more time as I’d like in researching before publishing content. When I write, how much time and effort I put into writing can be influenced by power supply. This just ends up slowing the pace at which my blog’s content is developed.
Q. Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why?
Ones which will always be at the top of the list are Larry Frank of flowingtechblog and Johnnie Ode of Readerslodge. If not for their support and advices, I would’ve quit blogging a long while ago. After noticing I’d deserted my blog for months, they tried to make me see reasons why I shouldn’t quit. They cared enough to be angry at me for quitting and when you see people who believe in you, try to help on your blog, it motivates you back on track. Their concern was an eye opener and it made me realize I had forgotten my main aim of blogging, which is to share my knowledge with others. These are people who in their own little ways try to help others in matters related to blogging. I can say they’re reliable.
Q. If someone was interested in blogging, what advice would you give?
Blogging needs dedication of time, effort and money. Even though you can earn from your blog, it might not be in a twinkle of an eye as some bloggers have portrayed it to be. Want to start blogging and in a niche like tech? read materials related to blogging, listen to the experiences of other bloggers, their failures and what they finally did to succeed. Be humble enough to admit you don’t know it and let others who can help you.
Q. How do you attract traffic to your blog?
I focus on building quality backlinks from reputable sites. Also, sharing of my blog’s posts to social networking sites, blogging communities and forums. Although the main aim of sharing to these sites is to acquire backlinks, it also gives my blog the required exposure it needs.
Q. What advise do you have for bloggers generally especially those not in entertainment/news niche?
Instead of spending time to look for the best templates to design your blog or bots to generate traffic, write more and focus on optimizing your site for search engines. As a blogger, you should give more priority to the quality of your posts rather than their quantity.
Interrelationship with other bloggers helps, don’t neglect it. Some bloggers can give you a hand on your blog when you encounter problems. But then, you should have something they can work with, you can’t expect anyone to help you when your blog is empty or has no sign of seriousness.
And finally, you must have a quality that all bloggers need ‘patience’.

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  1. wow!!!!!!!!!!!! now i get it. "When you consider my course of study, you'll agree that the niche I'll most likely be interested in is tech", @Mytutor eupdates247 will welcome you soon. lovely post @Zino.

  2. Hello Mazino,
    It's nice seeing Grace here at your blog, Grace has been a longtime friend, and one lady I have seen an awesome potential in.

    The interview is indeed a nice one, I can't say I've not learnt a thing here, I'll sure share this on my social profile as it will surely be an inspiration to newbies out there.

    Once more I say thanks to Mazino for hosting Grace on his blog.

    Do have a wonderful day ahead you both.

  3. ''Quality content that is in trend and meets the readers needs''…I love that answer Grace, quality content is what every reader is looking for on a blog and i am happy you know that already. Ride on Grace…the sky is your starting point.

  4. Though i've came across females blogger in the tech industry but most are foreigners. Seems grace is the first Nigerian female Tech blogger in my list.

    Kudos Grace. Best wishes and happy blogging.

  5. @Mazino, i ain't saying she's the first oh".. "The first on my list" means she's the first female tech blogger in Nigeria i'd meet.

    Maybe because am a shy person, thats why i dont get to know the other females. Lol


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