Sometimes before creating a blog you may spend time cracking your brain on which name to use for the blog. A friend of mine once asked me to suggest a domain name for his blog he intend starting. He said all the names he wanted to use have already been taken. Nevertheless, I decided to help him out. In trying to search for a domain name for him, I had to consider so many things. Some of these things can help anyone who is looking for a unique name for his blog.
What To Consider Before Choosing A Domain Name

Coming up with a domain name for him didn’t give me much trouble but there were other issues I have to contend with. Before I choose a domain name I always check to see if that name have not been used by someone else on social media. For example, you may choose this domain name and when you want to create a facebook page and twitter handle, you discover that both social media name for MazinoBlog already exist. If you’ve already purchased the domain name, it will not be easy for people to find you on social media apart from your blog. That is the reason  before I chose my blog name, I had to check if the facebook page and  twitter handle name is available.
Another thing you should consider is the email address. You don’t want to have a blog with the name  MazinoBlog and your email address is I had to create It is advisable to secure such email address for your blog name. This will prevent someone else from creating  such email ID and using it to commit atrocities in the name of your site.
These few tips could also be apply to business owners, cooperate organizations, as well as individuals who use the internet for their daily endeavors.

Note: Whatever domain name  you choose should reflect on your niche. People should be able to know what your blog is about by mere looking at the URL. They should easily be able to deduce what the site stands for as per content and value. Twitter usernames does not exceed sixteen characters so it is advisable not to choose a domain name longer than sixteen characters.

If you want to start a new blog and you are finding difficult to choose a suitable domain name, you can contact me. I’ll be glad to suggest a name for you that will suit the purpose of your blog.

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  1. I wish you did shared this earlier cos I was faced with difficulties of choosing a domain name for my blog. Nevertheless this will be a good guide for me as i progress in my blogging career

  2. Nice one Mazino. Other tips I'd like to add though are
    – The shorter the name, the better.
    – Try to choose a domain name that people can pronounce easily.
    – It should be easy for people to spell so that they you won't have to always spell it.

  3. All good tips which I had no idea of while acquiring a domain name for my blog. I didn't take time to check if a brand already exist with such a name. Think I just got lucky it was unique but I don't still like my choice now that I know better.

    Other than checking if the domain name is unique, one should get a domain name that has keywords related to their niche. This can help in ranking their blog higher in search engine results.

  4. Great tips to look out for before purchasing a domain and also this would be great for business owners, cooperate organizations, as well as individuals who use the internet for their daily endeavors like you mentioned.

  5. Finding a domain name to use is indeed a task and requires thorough research based on experience.

    I had to use my blog's category "Tech and social media" to get Learnt something more from this post about the "Social Profiles Url".

    Additionally it is advisable not to register a long domain like " "name so it will be comfortable for people to type your website's url.


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