Today blogging is seen as a business to some persons. So many people started blogging as a hobby and later turn a profession. In fact blogging has become the most profitable online venture. It is not strange to anyone that bloggers make substantial amount of online income just from blogging alone. Many bloggers pay their bills from the money they earn alone from blogging. Knowing about this truth, now majority want to become bloggers. They want to make money just like the successful bloggers. But they seem never to be getting it right. Now and then they keep wondering what are they doing wrong.
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There are so many wrong things a lazy blogger does.

A lazy blogger lay back. He does not search for information by himself rather he relies solely on other bloggers for information. You’ll see a blogger asking a question which can easily be found on google. I remember a guy who called me one time ago and said he wanted to make money online by using adsense. He asked me to send him the link to signup for adsense. Anyway I did sent him the link. On a serious note, what happen to google search? It just a matter of typing adsense and you get what you want. There are so many of these kind of bloggers, too lazy to search for information by themselves.

A lazy blogger copy and paste. Many bloggers do complain that google disapproved their adsense application. When you check their blogs you’ll discover that all their content were stolen from other bloggers. This is common among the news and entertainment niche. And I keep asking, do they not know that duplicating someone else content violate adsense policy? Many just apply without reading about adsense policy. When they are disapproved they start asking other bloggers to help them find out why they weren’t approved.

Being lazy, a blogger won’t be able to write an original article how much more to edit an existing one. He want everything done so quick without considering  what right and wrong.

A lazy blogger want to make money so quick without following the right part. Because of that they engage in black hat activities just to get their blog rank well in search engine. Many of them are ready to spam to get traffic without considering the consequences. When their blog is banned they start asking fellow bloggers why does their blog not display in search engine.

Sooner or later, a lazy blogger quit blogging because he can no longer cope with the ever changing conditions in the blogosphere.

If you fall in this category, now is the time to self-examine yourself and ask if truly blogging is your thing. Blogging should always start as a hobby before turning to a profession.

Top bloggers of today didn’t just make it in just 6 months. Some of them take more than a year. I know of a top blogger today that make his first adsense earning of $100 after 2 years. Now he is a renowned pro-blogger. A lazy blogger does not have patient. He engages in invalid activities and kicked out of adsense program.

No one knows it all, we keep learning everyday. Learning is more rewarding when you try to solve problems yourself by making research. Do not always wait for others. Learn to experiment. I will not call myself a pro-blogger but I know I’m growing everyday. When I’ve any problem concerning blogging I search for the solution. By that way I can now do so many things very well. Being lazy as a blogger cannot and will never take you to that stage where others will look up  to you as an inspiration.

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  1. Yeah , well said , blogging is meant to be fun and an avenue for you to learn. Its not all about money. Its about value , its about getting your name our there and one day use your experience and knowledge garnered in years to be a perfect author. I think bloggers should think more of making a name than making money.Am a lazy blogger too but I won't compromise my value because of quick money and learning is what I cherish. Well said bro. Thanks for talking about this

  2. nice talk there bro i used to do copy and paste before on my entertainment blog and i applied for adsense twice but got rejected but now i have left entertainment niche cuz its not my line now in tech where i write my own content my self using my ideas and Google.. so what am trying to say here is not all bloggers are lazy just not their niche

  3. Yes you are so right. Most of them copy contents and publish without asking any permission even. Really unethical.
    By the way is there any software or application to detect whether someone else is using my contents?


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