After publishing a post it is expected that people visit your blog to read what you have published. Doing so involves sharing your content on social media sites such as facebook, twitter, linkedin and google plus. Out of these four sites, linkedin and google plus are the least used by bloggers to drive traffic to their blogs. Everyone focuses on facebook and twitter and rarely look at google plus. Anyway for those bloggers who uses google plus wisely can acknowledge that it is a very useful site for traffic generation. Besides that google plus is more seo friendly than facebook.

Google plus

There are effective ways you can use google plus to drive traffic to your site. For those who don’t or who haven’t been using google plus for traffic generation, you need to start doing so.

As you can see on MazinoBlog there is a google plus share button, this is first step. Make sure your blog has a google plus share button so that you or others can share your post on the site.

How will you now be able to get over 1000 pageviews when your google  followers are not up to that? I know that is where the real issue lies. But it is truly possible! For you to have such visits from facebook you must have at least over 3000 active friends and if it is a facebook page you must have about 4000 fans. If it is twitter, you must at least over 5000 real followers. But on google plus  people don’t need to follow you or add you to a circle to get such pageviews.
This is how it works, just follow as much people you can. Add them to a circle. You can create your own circle for them. Before you start following anyone make sure the individual is an active user of google plus. How will you know and where you will see such persons? There are so many top blogs on blogger with so many commentators using their google profile. Go to such blogs and add the commentators.
When you have followed so much, the next step is go to your blog post and click on the google plus share button. A pop up will be display, there you’ll  have the option of those whom you’ll like to share the post with. Add the circles you want to share the post with. Make sure you also select public. If you wish you can add a comment to the comment field. Tick the box for ‘ Also send emails from you to your cirlces‘. This will allow google send the post updates to their emails. It is just as if they are your potential email subscribers. It can also be seen as a healthful way of spamming. No one can penalize you, it’s a feature enabled by google.
How To Use Google Plus Get Over 1000 Pageviews
Imagine you have followed over 1000 active google plus users and they come to see your update, there is likelihood that they will visit your blog to check the content.
If what you published it not useful or catchy to them, they won’t visit. So if you an entertainment blogger, go to entertainment blogs and add their commentators. If you are a tech blogger, go to tech blogs and add the commentators.
Aside this tip, there is still other ways you can use google plus promote your blog content. On facebook you can create a page, this is also possible on google plus. For instance I’ve created a page for  Mazinoblog. You can check it out at I use the page to share my posts.
On facebook you can create groups where you share ideas and blog posts. Google plus has something similar to that which is known as communities. With google plus communities you can share and promote your blog content. To do so you should join communities related to your niche. If you are a health blogger join communities on health. With that you can be sure to get your content to like minds.
Dear fellow bloggers if you have not been using google plus, now is the time to start exploring it. Apart from traffic google plus can boost your page rank on search engine.
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  1. One line that caught my attention is this '' Tick the box for 'Also send emails from you to your cirlces'. This will allow google send the post updates to their emails''
    You have helped me figure out how to have a mailing list. I will give it a try.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice one, didn't know about this before now. Do use Google plus to get traffic and its a very nice place to get traffic. Would improve in the way I use Google plus so as to get more traffic. Thanks for sharing

  3. If I should be honest, I never value Google plus must cos I see it as waste of time and energy due to the fact that I haven't really understand the benefits of using it but with this info I'm surely going to start utilizing it.

  4. I believe Google plus is one source of traffic that Google is very pleased with. This post is very informative, I will have to join communities related to my niche,so as to explore over 1000 Page views daily. Thanks for sharing Mazino.


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