Recently I sold one of my blog which was registered on domainking. Domainking is domain name registrar just like godaddy and namecheap. Unlike other domain registrars, transfering a domain from one domainking account to another domainking user is totally different. How is it so? For example, on godaddy you can login to your account and initiate the transfer process by yourself. The recipient also on godaddy will accept the transfer. In few minutes the whole domain transfer process is done. This is not so with domainking but yet I was able to transfer the domain to another domainking user.

How was I able to transfer the domain? I told the buyer of the blog that the domain was registered with domainking so he should create an account with them and send me the email he used. When I confirmed that he has done so, I login into my account and raise a support ticket. I mentioned the domain and the new user email to which I want to move the domain.

Next I got the message on my email showing my request have been received.

In less than an hour I got another email that confirm the domain has been moved to another user.
I contacted the blog buyer that the transfer is successful and that he should check his domainking account.

The merit of this method transferring a domain within two domainking users is that someone who doesn’t have the experience relating to domain issues doesn’t need much worry. He does not need to start looking for a web guru to help him transfer his domain. It just a matter of raising a support ticket and domainking will take it up from there.

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  1. This tutorial comes very handy to those who want to transfer domain from one user to another. i have been a recipient of a domain transfer and its as easy as you have written.

  2. Mazino! With no doubt, domainking has made it soo easy for users to transact and purchase on thier page.
    Your write-ups here is an eye opener to me also.

    But Can I ask, If you want to Transfer from another hosting company to Domainking what is the possibility and cost?



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