The internet has made it so easy to get whatever information you want. With just a few click you are in a world of endless possibilities. Many of the information we get online we need them for different purposes. Students use the internet for assignment. Online publishers also uses the internet for research. Everyone knows quite well that using someone else work is wrong. For example copying someone’s article in writing an essay or research for academy purpose will be seen as plagiarism. 


As a blogger you need to publish unique and original articles regularly if you intend to build an authority blog. Search engines such as google love original and unique content and you will be rewarded for it.

Recently I sold my health blog. Yes you got me right. I sold my health blog. The reasons is not for us to discuss here. I’m decided to let you guys know because it was the blog that made me discovered this awesome plagiarsm checker tool called plagtracker.

Plagtacker is an free online service you can use to detect plagiarism. It helps you to know if an article in whole or in part has been published in some other websites or blogs. Back then on my health blog I do receive guest posts from different bloggers. In order to make sure I don’t publish copy and paste articles, I always use plagtracker and I bet you it is awesome!

Plagtracker also help you, fix grammar errors, and  even proofread your texts before you publish.  To use plagtracker is so easy. The steps are explained below.

==> Visit

Plagiarism checker - plagtracker

=> Click on Check your paper for free now.

Plagiarism checker - plagtracker

=> Copy and and paste your text on the text box and then click on Start Checking on the right.

Plagiarism checker - plagtracker

=> Wait and watch as it process your text. Once it is done, you will see the result and shown below

Plagiarism checker - plagtracker

I used this post to check if what I have written is appearing in other sources. As seen above, content appears in zero sources. This means that no other site has published the exact text I have. You can also see 0% of non-unique content. This means that the content is unique. Once there are figures apart from zero it means your content  in part or whole is not unique. The sources where your content already exist will be highlighted along side the phrase or sentences. 

There are other plagiarism checkers you can find online, so just search and make sure you use them to publish unique articles.

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