Hello dear readers, as I did last week by bringing a top blogger to share her blogging experience on bloggers spotlight, today I bring to you Lilian Nwobu, blogger at www.liliannwobu.com and www.liliansblog.com. Read on to know more about her.

Bloggers Spotlight

Q: Tell us about yourself and your blog(s)
I am Lilian Nwobu ( Nee Obi) from Awka in Anambra state. A graduate of business administration from Anambra state University Igbariam. I worked with Ecobank Nig. Plc, in 2007, and a year later, I joined Guaranty Trust bank family in Mar, 2008 and resigned in June, 2014. Presently, I am a staff of Emmanuela Auto Ltd, located at Awka. Lilian is a pace setter, a Christian, and an enthusiastic individual who is results oriented. I am a realist, so my philosophy in life is hard work and positivity. Currently, I run two blogs: health and entertainment. On health blog liliannwobu.com, I share  ideas with my readers about natural home remedies and beauty tips( all with nature). While on the entertainment blog liliansblog.com– Its all about celebrity news, breaking news, lifestyle and most shocking.
Q: Why did you decide go to into blogging?
My decision to go into blogging was not premeditated. Greater part of my time before now, was spent searching and reading stuffs online. Then I told myself; Lilian, you can be a great blogger…..and hey! That was it.
Q: Did anyone actually motivate you to start blogging?

Hmmm, I won’t say anybody did. But I would give hubby all the credit.
Q: How often do you work on your blog(s)?

OMG! I work round the clock. My entertainment blog (liliansblog.com) receives my attention greater percentage while the health blog (liliannwobu.com) gets updated on the average of once in 2days.
Q: I realized you are a wife, a mother and you also have a full time job. How do you manage all of these roles successfully?
It has not really been an easy toll but God is my strength. Everything in life is all about planning, perseverance and patience. Like I said earlier, I believe in results. My school of thought is against excuses.
Q: How have your husband been supportive?

Hubby has been so so supportive, He has never denied me any of my time and most times sources for news himself. At times, I turn him into a baby sitter so I could work. He is equally a very busy person…You know how busy CEO’s can be…laughs.
Q: What challenges do you encounter pertaining blogging?
Errrmmm, My initial challenge was getting people to visit my blog, but within a short period of time, it was history. Aside having to take care of baby whom most times requires more attention than usual, I am good.
Q: What are you doing to overcome these challenges?

The issue of the traffic I must say has been taking care of(though no amount of traffic is enough) for a blog of 1month old to be receiving over 15k page views daily…I don’t think it’s a bad start. However,  I am still strategizing to take it to up to 100-500k views daily. Little more effort is needed on my part.
Q: Who or what has been your greatest source of inspiration?
My husband…..Emeka would always tell me, I see your blog competing with lailasblog and misspetitenigeriablog  within the next 18months. So I really need to meet and surpass his expectations.
Q: Some bloggers see other bloggers in the same niche as rivals, what’s your own thought on that?
I love competition. We all know that in any successful business competition is key. So long as we are all alive by God’s grace, the market is far from being saturated. For instance, linda ikeji, the most popular and the most successful entertainment blogger in the blosphere gets an average of 300-500k page views daily from average of 50k visitors, what happened to the rest of the population? The earlier people embrace “rivalry”, the better for them because there is no monopoly in business.
Q: What advice do you have for newbie bloggers?
Just one word, patience. There is no magic on the internet. Put making money aside and concentrate, money will surely come.
Q: What’s on the horizon for you and your blog?
Lol…We are yet to get started. With God on my side, sky will be my stepping stone.

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  1. I. Love reading from Mrs Nwobu . Her blogs are great sources of information . Liliannwobu.com, I will say is hospital on the internet where I have learnt native ways of treating the most common human ailments . Liliansblog.com is naija's indigenous twitter . She churns out news every second ; leaving readers mouthful with gossip

    Visit my little home : http://latestnaijabeats.com for latest naija news and music beats

  2. Getting 15k daily page views in one month old blog is no child's play, your drive for result is a motivation for new bloggers like myself, your vision for a competitive blogosphere is humble.

    I wish our ladies would learn from the way you are able to combine family, work and career without excuses.

    Madam, I have a new blog, http://234jam.blogspot.com which I created on the 1st of this month, who can I be able to get 7k page views in one month?

  3. Oh finally, Mrs Lilian of LilianNwobu.com is finally getting the recognision she deserves.

    For a Blog of a month to be getting over 15k pv daily is more than very good. i'm always happy when i read stories like this.
    I wish her a successful run in the Blogosphere….

    Johnny Test For
    Free Browsing Blog

  4. From this, I could extract that hardworking and patient has been the Genesis of Mrs nwobu success. I believe she will soon reach her great height with her commitment. And this is a message to newbies in blogging, ROME IS NOT BUILT IN A DAY, blogging is not get rich quick scheme. But with dedicated and commitment, the sky is the starting point……VICTOR.

  5. Brilliant….Your type are barely seen. Your courage just charged me up. I think this article should be published on the newspaper so that more people would be enlightened. That's superb.
    ''Just one word, patience. There is no magic on the internet. Put making money aside and concentrate, money will surely come''
    Most newbies enrolls in blogging with the aim of making money instantly forgetting that passion is the key. Thanks for that, at least now they know….ouch.. sorry ''we'' rather…laughs

  6. Liliansblog.com – I'm very familiar with that blog, infact, I'm an addicted reader I must say… I was peeping thru the blog someday then I realized I've spent hours reading celeb gossips, the juiciest you can ever get online, since then, she's been my no 1 source of Amebo… She's such a source of motivation to many bloggers out there… Don't worry Lilian, the sky is your starting point… Remember me when the national cake starts flowing in…..

    My humble sef! Olusegunadex of naijacomedyclub.com

  7. If a mother, wife and employee can manage two blogs successful, why won't single guy like me manage more than one blog. Lilian u just inspired me with this….keep it up and I pray for God's grace.

  8. So hard working, filled with strength and blessed with the humour to capture her readers by twisting her articles for better and easy understanding. I know with time her expectations to climax to 100k pageviews will be a reality.

  9. Your interview is probably fitting and appropriate for bloggers, such as liliansblog.com. In fact liliansblog.com is not only one of the best upcoming blogs around at the moment, it’s also one of the only ones that’s even worth looking into seriously at all. I have been following her blog for the last five weeks now, though less than ten weeks, officially anyway, early in February.

    Please madam I need you to throw more light on the below question, having seen your traffic bomb 🙂 with more than 200,000 pageviews within this short period.

    1. How have you been promoting liliansblog.com so far?
    2. What advertising strategy have you been using?
    3. How are you getting visitors?

  10. Getting people to visit your blog may be easier than keeping them. First make sure you use terms that is easy to understand by both the elite and the layman.

    Secondly, Find out what your readers need and give it to them.

  11. Yes dear Ramat, Whoever says that combining family and work is easy is sure a deceit. But the keyword there is PERSEVERANCE.

    Thank you for taking out time to ready about me.

  12. Awesome.. Its not about getting 1million PV daily or monthly. Its about keeping your visitors, Nice one Mr Lilian.

    Am Efe Obasuyi Michael, blogging at bestmanblog.com am receiving 2k+ traffic daily on my 3 weeks, not up to a month domain, and I wish to keep that up.



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