Whatever we do there is a time we give out gifts to people. Some people wait for special occasions to give gifts and some at any point in time. For me I don’t believe that you should wait for season of festivities to show people you love or care about them. It is simply hypocritical. Giving of gifts shouldn’t be seasonal. Bloggers should also not wait for holiday festivals before extending love to others. If you are a blogger what kind of gifts do you feel is best for a fellow blogger? Well, I’ve taken my time to find out what bloggers will appreciate the most as a gift.
Best Gifts You Can Give To A Blogger
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In no particular order you can make a blogger smile if you offer him or her any of these gifts mentioned below.


Google adsense is what majority of bloggers need the most. Having a google adsense account will make a blogger smile. He will have reasons for not quitting blogging. More bloggers these days are blogging for adsense. And truly their reasons for that can be justify. Google adsense still remains the best means of monetizing a blog. No other ad network is better than google adsense. So many bloggers are paying their bills with the earnings they get from adsense. 
Giving out an adsense account should be done with discretion. Adsense is not something one can go to the supermarket to buy. There is a strict process for getting one. Google must approve the application of the one applying before he can have adsense. If you want to give a fellow blogger an adsense account, the best way to do so is to help the blogger make sure his blog does not violate google adsense or webmaster policy, so that when he apply his  application is not rejected. For some reasons there are certain things about adsense I wouldn’t want to discuss here. But surely if a blogger get an adsense account as a gift, he will always be happy blogging.

A Laptop

Some bloggers today do not own a laptop of their own. They use the cyber cafe where they pay to use a computer for a particular time. There is no cyber cafe I haven’t used in my area and I’m not ashamed to say so. Some top bloggers too started like that. Having a laptop of your own for blogging will make blogging more worth while. You can edit and publish at your own convenience. Once an idea pop ups, you get your laptop and start writing. But when a blogger do not have one, he has to wait till he get to the cafe. Hence, if you want to touch a blogger’s life positively, give him a gift such as a laptop and he will always remember you.

High Smart Phone

This is the age of technology, and with a mobile device one can do so many things. Using mobile phones has gone beyond just making calls or sending text messages. There are mobile apps for blogging. When on the go, a blogger must update his blog if any information comes in. This will only be possible if he has a high smart device. Besides blogging, a blogger need to communicate with other bloggers and business clients on whatsapps, BBM, twitter and facebook.

Internet Subscription 

Accessing the internet is not free in most places. For example here in Nigeria you need to pay for it. Without data subscription, a blogger cannot access the internet to update his blog. If you want to show some love to any blogger you know out there, you could simply pay for his internet subscription.


Is your blog so popular? Do you have a friend who is also a blogger and his blog is still growing? You can help out by offering to advertise his blog on yours for a period. I can sure promise you that this will go a long way in making the blogger happy. Helping a blogger advertise his site is a gift you can give him. It not all about material items, after all life is a precious gift from GOD.

These are the few best gifts you can give a blogger. If you have any other ones in mind, you can share by leaving a comment.

All these gifts I mentioned are what is peculiar to a blogger blogging activities. If you choose to offer me a brand new car or a house, it’s not a bad idea. Lol.
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  1. Love this article! I'm going to gift myself some adsense at the end of May. Thankfully my fiancee is in the IT field so we enjoy amazing internet and a crazy amount of electronic gadgets. I can't say how much I looooove my laptop and sweet internet connection.

    Something else most bloggers could use (or at least I could use) is an upgraded pandora account so there's no more adds in my mood music.

  2. I know I need a certain amount of posts before applying for adsense and I only started my blog this past March. IT's going well, but to create a following and have enough posts, I think waiting till May is best.

    I'm a planner type. I pretty much have how I want my blogging and writing career to go scheduled and mapped out–though whether I can keep on track still remains to be seen.

  3. Well said with hitting points. Gifts is what everyone cherish but vast majority of the beneficiary takes it for granted.

    Haven endorsed the post as a mark to show how important it is to give(which Bible clearly stated) bloggers should as well have in their back of mind that nothing comes for nothing even if you merit the stuff.

  4. i think i was suprise Mr Creative with one of these, and you forgot to add something.

    A Domain name and hosting is also a wonderful gift


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