The issue of traffic has always been a big challenge to so many bloggers and webmasters. Now and then many sought new ways to drive traffic to their site. From advertising, social media engagement and link building, all these methods may sometimes never seem to be enough. So what other ways can one drive traffic to his site?
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As a blogger, you must continue to think about new ideas in order to expand your horizon. Sometimes crazy and funny thoughts comes to the mind. This often happens to me. I’ve been thinking of recent about so many things, one of such is what other unusual ways can a blogger drive traffic to his blog? And so many awkward methods springs out of my mind. It may look weird but totally cannot be overlooked. Below are some top awkward ways to drive traffic to your website.
If you have the money to spend, you can buy ad space on any of the billboards in your city. Just imagine as road users and pedestrians pass through the road on a daily basis, and your blog banner is up there for all to see. For instance, your blog is MazinoBlog and you add an attractive image, and then with the inscription visit It is sure that on average more than 20,000 people will pass through that road daily. And you can be sure that your advert will seen by these people. It sound awkward, not so? I haven’t seen any blogger advertise on billboard so you can be the first and enter my record books.
Handbills and Flyers
Handbills and flyers are conventional means of promoting products and services. So many times I have received flyers from promoters. But I have never seen anyone from a blogger. Imagine printing over 10,000 handbills and distributing it to people. You tell them to visit the site on the front page and what they tend to gain from the site. The laughable part is giving the handbill to someone who is an internet novice. Lol.
This is common for cheap vacancy. You see people put up posters for vacancies. Politicians use this method for campaign. Don’t you think as a blogger this method can also be exploited? You hang your blog posters in different parts of the state and wait for it to generate traffic. Funny! not so?
People use stickers for advertising that even the one hanging the sticker on the door or wall doesn’t know he is indirectly promoting the content. Churches use stickers to advertise their mission. They use stickers with the inscription such as “2014 my year of unprecedented riches” and yet 2014 has passed and nothing changes. Being a blogger you can utilize this method for blog promotion.
Ad Placement on Newspapers and Magazines
So many online journals use this method and has worked for them. But I’m wondering what type of ad will I put on a newspaper or magazine so that people can visit my blog. How to make money blogging? I have seen ads similar to such, make $200 daily from Forex trading, for more info visit and truly people visit the site.
Other offline and funny ways to promote your blog is to use the radio or television and also customizing your shirt with your blog url. Lol.
These are the few awkward ways that can be use to drive traffic to your site. Is there is any other way you think? If yes, you can share by leaving a comment.
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  1. You got them right but to be candid most of them are freaking expensive and can only be done when one is already a made or rather big blogger. But funny enough, I intend doing the customised tees very soon for few blog readers as part of a giveaway but time hasn't permitted me yet. Will do that very soon though. Your posts are always awesome greatest Zino.


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