There is no better way to promote your business on facebook than having a page. Creating an official facebook page for your blog is an awesome way to promote your blog. You can start your online community with a facebook page. After creating a page the next thing should be how to get people to like your page. This is a very enormous task for so many page admins. The regular ways to get facebook page likes is to advertise your page. Big brands advertise their pages, they spent lots of dollars on facebook advert. But what about one who do not have much or nothing to spend, is there ways he can still increase his facebook page likes? Yes, it’s possible. There are some awkward ways that will help you increase your page likes. I’ve decided to share some of these ways.
Increase Your Facebook pages Likes

Use family and friends facebook account to invite others

Back then on my health blog, it wasn’t really that easy using facebook to get people to visit the blog. I created a page but got only few likes. My friends on facebook weren’t that supportive. Anyway facebook friends are not real friends. They are just a list of online users you accept their request to have you on their list of facebook users.

I wanted to increase my page likes so I came up with the thought of using family and friends account to invite people to like the page. I asked my two sisters to give me their login details. Definitely girls have more facebook friends so I thought. And really that was true. I got over 700 likes from both of them account. Later I asked my sister to tell her friend about my page and to invite her own friends. Her friend couldn’t do so rather she gave me her account to do it myself. There I got 258 page likes.

If you want to increase your facebook page likes you can try this method. It worked for me. Remember you must be a trustworthy individual before anyone will agree to give you his or her facebook login details.

Pay others to invite their friends

You might be wondering that I suggest paying people to invite their friends. Yes you should pay others to invite their friends. This is not the same thing as paying to advertise.

This is how to do so, go to any cybercafe around you to surf the internet. Propose to any one that you will pay for his or her time if they are willing to invite their friends to like your page. Some of you may be thinking how can you do so? Some people don’t have good manner of approach, so I’ll be present an introduction here. When you are at the cybercafe you simply tell the person:

 “Hello, how are you doing? I need a favour from you and I promise to return your kind gesture. I’m working on a project on facebook. The project is on a page. I’m require to increase the page likes. You can be of great help by inviting your friends and in return I’ll pay for whatever time you spent on doing so“.

You can create your own presentation according to your own situation or use the one I’ve suggested. If the person agree you can be sure that his friends will accept his invites, and your facebook page likes will increase. This method is less expensive to advertising. Besides there is no guarantee that people will like your page when you advertise it on facebook. Even if they do, it may be insignificant.

These are the few awkward but effective ways to increase your facebook likes without spamming. Do you have any other way in mind? If yes kindly share by leaving a comment.

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