Multichoice Nigeria has stated that the reason for the increase in the subscription fees of DSTV and GOTV bouquets is simply “Inflation“. They also stated that the price increase cuts across all the African countries where they operate and it does not only apply to Nigeria. They actually refer to the price increase as “an annual price increase“, which means there’ll always be a price increase every year.

A lot of people have been clamouring for them to introduce a pay-as-you-watch plan or the opportunity to select the channels you want to watch and get charged based on that, but that is yet to see the light of day. You get to pay for it whether you watch or not.

To protest this increment, someone has created a Twitter account, @BoycottDstvNG where people in support of the protest have been getting together. See some of the tweets below


If you want to join the protest, you can also sign the petition against DSTV’s price increment on


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