Google Analytics is a web analytics tool and it is offered by Google to report and analyse website traffic to webmasters. If you own a blog running on or any website for that matter, it is important that you integrate Google Analytics into it.

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In this post, I would be covering how you can register for Google Analytics and how you can add it to your blog on Simply follow the steps below and use the screenshots as a guide.

  1. To register for Google Analytics, go to and click the “Access Google Analytics” button at the top right hand corner of your screen.  access-google-analytics
  2. Click the “Sign Up” button on the screen that shows next. sign-up-google-analytics
  3. Fill the form that is displayed on the next screen leaving “Website” as the selected option under the “What would you like to track?” field. You have now registered for Google Analytics after completing this step. analytics-form
  4. Now, you need to get your “Tracking ID” to be able to integrate this Analytics account into your blogger blog. So, click the “Tracking Info” option under the column labelled “Property“.
  5. Next click “Tracking Code” to reveal your “Tracking ID“. You would find your “Tracking ID” here and some other Javascript code, which you can add to a self-hosted site. Highlight the “Tracking ID” and copy it as that is what you need now. tracking-id
  6. Now, log in to your blogger admin area and select the option to edit the blog that you want to link to your Analytics account. select-blogger-blog
  7. Under the “Settings” menu, go to the “Others” sub-menu and scroll down the page to reveal the text box labelled “Analytics Web Property ID” under “Google Analytics“. Simply paste your “Tracking ID” here and save. insert-analytics-id

After completing the steps above, you would have successfully linked your Analytics account with your blog. You should however note that your data would appear on Analytics the next day and not immediately. All subsequent data can only be viewed the next day as well.

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