Android Device Manager (ADM) is a tool that ships with a lot of Android devices running Android devices greater than or equal to version 2.3. For devices running Android version less than 2.3, it can also be installed from the Google Play Store. Android Device Manager can help you track your mobile device, lock it or even erase the data on it if stolen or misplaced. If you are in your house and you do not know where you dropped your mobile device and may be your mobile device is in silent mode such that even if you get another mobile device to call it, it would not even ring, then Android Device Manager (ADM) can save you as well.

First of all, you need to make sure it is activated on your device, just in case it wasn’t activated by default. To activate ADM on your device, follow the instructions below

  1. Go to “Settings“.
  2. Go to “Security“. (In case, your “Settings” menu is arranged into tabs, you would find “Security” under the “General” tab).
  3. Under the section named “Device Administration”, go to “Device Administrators“.
  4. Tap the “Android Device Manager” option.
  5. Tap activate on the next screen that appears to activate ADM. 

Once this is done, you can test ADM on your device using your computer or on any other device with internet access. Simply log in to any of the Google accounts (see How to configure Google Accounts on your new Android device) that is already configured on your device and go to

Once you are on the ADM page on your computer or any other mobile device, you would see a map and ADM would try to show you a rough location of your own device on that map, which you can use to have an idea of the area where your phone is currently located in case it is stolen. You can also click the “Ring” button to force your device to ring at its highest volume even if it is in silent mode or you can click the “Lock” button or the “Erase Data” button to prevent others from accessing your data in case your device has gotten into the wrong hands.

The “Lock” option would allow you set a new password, which you can use to unlock it later if and when you are able to get your device back. Another option it provides and that I really like is the option to display a large button on the device which would make the device call any phone number you specify just in case the person in possession of the device decides to contact you.

Why Should I Activate ADM?

The benefit of activating ADM is already obvious from what we have seen above. No one wishes to lose any of their properties, but if for any reason your device gets stolen or misplaced, the Locate option can tell you where it is and the Ring option can help you locate your phone as well if it is in your vicinity. If the device cannot be retrieved immediately, you can also prevent others from having access to all the private information that you have on your device by locking it or even erasing the data on it completely and locking it as well.

Furthermore, once your device is no longer in your possession, you would not be able to activate ADM. So, it’s better to activate it before anything happens.

Don’t wait a minute longer, Activate it Now!!!

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