Money is very important in our day to day activities. We need money to do so many things such as paying for house rent, food and clothing. Although as humans, we all have our individual want. Some people need money to buy a car and some jewelries and many other things. You also have your own reasons for wanting to make your own money. Maybe to support your family or for education. There are no quick ways to make honest money but there are real ways to do so.
How to make money

Finding a Job

A job will surely fetch you money no matter how big or small it seem to be. How can you find a job? You need to spread the word.  Let your friends, family and close neighbors know that you are searching for a job. Some people prefer keeping such problem to themselves. If you do, no one will inform you about any available jobs. If people know you are looking for a job, the possibility of getting leads and referrals will be higher.

One you have any leads, pursue it. Always respond to any information on the internet, newspaper, billboards and other public places where you see an ad.

You should write your CV and distribute it. If you don’t know how to write one, ask those who can to help you out. But be sure to provide them with correct details such as your skills, experience, contact information and whatever relevant details is needed. Give more emphasis to your skills and experience because they are your selling points. Every employer needs employee with relevant skills be-it knowledge both theory and practical. Distribute your CV to friends and relatives to help you give to anyone looking for people to employ.

Work For Yourself

Look within yourself. Ask yourself what are you really good at. What is it you have or can do that others want from you. If you can find one or two, then you should monetize such ability. This means being your own boss – working for yourself. You provide services that others need and get paid. Many of such work-for-yourself jobs are many. It just for you to discover yourself and then sell your talent or ability.

If have writing skills, look for individuals or organizations seeking for writers. You can search through the internet. If you are good in web designing, you can also search the internet for people looking to create a webpage. The bottom line is, look out for people who are in need of your skills. Advertise yourself for proper exposure.

There are so many online and offline jobs that can help you make some money. It’s a matter of you studying your environment to know what actually people really need and are willing to pay for.

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  1. Life can be of a great respect if one discover his potentials. It's only when u discover that potential in u that u can purse ur dream.

    Personally, the second point u mentioned should be the first, nevertheless the great secret to money making has been identified here..

    Note: No easy to greatness.. Prepare to face challenges if you want make this money

  2. Money is spiritual, the more you think of abundance the more the universe conspires and arranges to give it to you and abundantly more. People think that thinking of NOT having money will get them brings the opposite. Focus on what you want and indeed spread the word that you are open and available to new opportunities and ways to make money and yo will receive!


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