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This is a new segment on Mazinoblog.com called Bloggers Spotlight. I will featuring different bloggers to share a little about them, their blog, blogging knowledge and experience and their success. It’s a way of getting to know better both your favourite bloggers and the ones you are yet to know. Today I’ll be featuring Ramat Oiza Ibrahim of www.trendyrammy.com. She is the first blogger to be featured on bloggers spotlight.

Ramat Oiza Ibrahim of trendyrammy blog
Ramat Oiza Ibrahim

Q: Tell the readers a little about yourself and your blog.

My name is Ramat Oiza Ibrahim, a graduate of Computer Science from the University of Abuja. I hail from Kogi state and I’m the CEO and editor of TrendyRammy blog, one of the top entertainment blogs in Nigeria. At TrendyRammy, I try as much as possible to disseminate news to the readers faster than the speed of light.

Q: How long have you been blogging and how did you get started?

TrendyRammy have been in existence for about two years now. I started as a fashion blogger and I maintained the niche for almost a year but I had to change my niche after the first year because I noticed that fashion blogs don’t sell in Nigeria and it was only narrowed to only females. I choose entertainment niche because from my research and *questionnaires* which was shared to some people, I was able to conclude that Nigerians are always interested in entertainment and political news.

Q: How often do you work on your blog?

You mean how often I work on my blog? Wow, from my niche I think you should be able to deduce it. Well, I work on my blog daily and at an interval of two – three hours. After my prayers in the morning, the first thing I do is to pick up my system and power it on and it’s always the last thing I do at night before going to bed. *Weew*

Q: Is your blog a hobby or your profession?

Like I said earlier, I started as a fashion blogger and as at when I started my blog it was a place for me to share my PASSION for FASHION to people out there but as time went on, I noticed that we have professional bloggers who are making it big and don’t even need a *white collar job* to be able to suit their bills. So, if I’m permitted I will say my blog is a platform which I created for hobby but has now turned into a profession.

Q: What is the main goal or purpose of your blog?

The purpose of my blog is to be able to disseminate credible and authentic news to readers. I also plan to make my blog a professional one, to make it evolve from a blog to a community.

Q: What secrets would you pass on to aspiring bloggers?

Be real, original, never give up and above all don’t venture into blogging because of the love of money because trust me, If you do, you will get frustrated and quit in no time.

Q: Which blogger(s) you look up to as source of inspiration?

Hmmmm, I look up to Laila and Linda Ikeji.

Q: Will you ever quit blogging someday?

I don’t see myself quitting blogging even in the next 10 years. So help me God.

Q: What challenges do you face in blogging and how have you dealt with them?

I have so many challenges and nos 1 is getting traffic. It’s really not easy getting traffic to your blog most especially the entertainment niche because it’s a very competitive one but with the help of social networking sites like facebook and twitter, I still triumph. Secondly Thanks Mazino for this great opportunity, I appreciate.  
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