A few bloggers utilizing blogger.com do complain of been not able to save a widget after adding it to their template layout. I’ve likewise experienced it, so I trust it ought to be a known issue. This issue do happen most times when you have empowered a widget mobile=’yes’ on your template. Some newbie are not mindful of it. Now and then they change their template such a variety of times. While some simply leave the added widget like that in this manner making their site look unorganized. In the event that you have had a go at adding a widget and you get the message “An error occurred. Please refresh the page and try again”, there is an alternative approach to do so.

==> Click on template designer.

At the upper left you will see layout 

==> Click on layout

Organize your gadget the way you need and click {Apply To Blog} at the upper right. That all.

With this method you can be sure of arranging and saving any widget added to your template.

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  1. Hi Maz..
    On my test blog Sir, help me address the issue of posting a new topic into a specific page. When a new post is made, by default; it appears on HOMEPAGE (I think). How do u make it appear on a created page too. Like, u made a post on health related issues, it appears on Homepage(automatically) What do I make readers see the same topic when they click on "Health" page too?

  2. Yea tutorial on point, though it don't work on some templates which I have tried it!! I just use another alternative my simply going to my template, edit html, locate the widget cut d code den paste it where I want on any of the sidebars or orderly position… Thanks zino

  3. Some time ago this happened to me when I was trying to rearrange my website template and save, then I realized that it was displaying ERROR, I just had to leave he layout like that as I had no idea about the alternative way. With this method you explained here , one can be sure of arranging and saving any widget added to his or her template.
    Thanks for sharing.


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