If you want to check your data balance on any of Airtel, Etisalat, Glo or MTN lines, the codes that you can use to do that have been highlighted in this post as there are times you simply forget them. Forgetting the codes is not any fault of yours, but it can happen if you are not really used to a network, but for one reason or another you decide to switch allegiance from one network to another for your data services and then you get your new SIM, subscribe to a data plan and you still have to search through your head for the codes asking yourself “How can I check my data balance?“.

So, without much ado, to check your data balance on any of Airtel, Etisalat, Glo or MTN lines, simply use the codes below

Dedicated Servers from Liquid Web

Airtel: *141*11*0#

Etisalat: *228#

Glo: *127*0#

MTN: *559#

Please, note that there are other means by which you can check your data balance apart from dialling the codes above. Shown below are the alternate codes / other methods by which you can also check your data balance on these networks.

Airtel: *123*10# OR *141*712*0#

Etisalat: *228#

Glo: SMS info to 127 OR SMS status to 777

MTN: SMS 2 to 131 OR SMS 403 to 131

So, the next time you need the Airtel, Etisalat, Glo and MTN codes for checking your data balance and you try to use the in-built “google.com” in your head to do a quick search through the storage area of your brain, but you are still not getting the desired result, just hit me up on this page and pick up your codes from here. 😀

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