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This notorious malware was discovered by the security research firm, AVG and it has been code-named “ Android/PowerOffHijack.A” because of the way it operates. When you think your phone is off, this malware can still make calls, take photos, send messages and actually spy on you.

The malware can hijack the shut-down process of an infected device and prevent it from shutting-down completely whilst allowing the phone to show the usual shut-down animation that you are used to seeing when your device is shutting down and then show you a black screen afterwards to make you think your device is turned off. From this point the malware can perform any kind of operation it wants on your device.

This malware can only operate on a rooted device, so if you have not rooted your device, then you are most likely safe from being infected by this malware. However, if you have rooted your device, you can remove your battery after shutting down your phone to be 100% sure it has actually shut down. You can also install the AVG anti-virus app (Free Version or Paid Version) for your device, which is capable of detecting and removing it.

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