Are you a savvy writer? Do you love writing? There are so many bloggers out there with good writing skills and vast knowledge on various topics. Despite having such talent, they find it difficult to make online income from it. You may have been blogging for years now and yet you find it difficult to make a dime. Your blog is not google adsense approved. You have quality articles on your blog but they haven’t been converted into source of online income. You need not to feel frustrated. You can still earn from writing.  You can write for domainking and get paid. Domainking has built a community where writers can share their expertise on various topics that are related to helping bloggers, developers and designers improve in their field. Have you been writing on your blog on matters affecting bloggers, designers and developers? Then you should take advantage of this opportunity.
How To Become A Writer For DomainKing Community
You must be creative and good at your work with vast knowledge of whatever topics that is discussed in the domainking community. This means that you should be able to share relevant and unique content with Domainking community users.
Domainking community pays an  author between $12-$60 for his work. Payments depends on the popularity and experience of the author’s work. You’ll be paid your earnings through paypal, local transfer (in some countries) and other methods stated in the requirement page.
Apart from the monetary reward, there are other benefits of becoming a contributor.
  • You will get full credit for your work. Your article will contain your name, bio, and contacts. You’ll become known to other bloggers, web designers and developers. It like a free way to advertise your skill and your blog. When people see how good you are, they will surely visit your blog for more expertise knowledge.
  • If you become a regular writer, you’ll be opportuned to buy any of their services at discounted rate.
  • You may also get free surprise gifts
Now that you’ve come to know about domainking community, Will you like to become a contributor? If yes then visit domainking community page to signup.

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