If you are reading this post, then you are in luck as it is now easier more than ever to set-up a blog these days than it was some years ago. In the early days of the dot-com boom, you would have to really “get your hands dirty” by writing some code to be able to get your blog up and running.

However, if you are thinking of starting up your own blog, first of all “rín èrín ìségun” (laugh a laugh of victory) 😀 because with a few clicks of your mouse, you can get your blog up and running in just a few minutes without writing a single line of code.

There are two(2) major and popular options that you can use. They are

  1. WordPress: It is an open-source application that you can use to set-up your own blog or website in a matter of minutes. There are two options here as well depending on how it is hosted.
    • WordPress-Hosted: This is the blog that is hosted on wordpress.com. All you have to do is to click the “Create Website” button to create an account. You would be required to select a name for your blog. eg. If you select “blogexample“, then your blog would be available at “blogexample.wordpress.com“. There are paid versions where you can map your blog to a web address like “www.blogexample.com“. There are lots and lots of free themes, which you can install on your blog to customize the look-and-feel, though you can’t install plug-ins here.wordpress
    • Self-Hosted WordPress: Now, this is for those that do not mind “getting their hands dirty” (just a bit though). With this option, you would need to get your own domain name and hosting. You would also need to download a copy of WordPress from wordpress.org and upload it to your hosting account. Create a database, database user, assign the user to the database and install the WordPress application. Hmmm! Now you understand why I said “get your hands dirty” a bit. For a programmer like myself, i feel most comfortable with this because it gives me greater control over my blog, and that is the method I used for Techrammer. In the most extreme of cases, I can even dip my hands into the code of WordPress (though, I’ve not had a cause to do that anyway). You can install free and premium (paid) themes, free and premium (paid) plug-ins as well. These days, any serious web hosting company also provide WordPress as one of the applications that you can install from the admin control panel.
  2. Blogger: This service is provided and hosted by Google. You need to have a Google account (Gmail) to be able to create a blog with it. Simply go to www.blogger.com to access the service. By default, your blog would be accessed using this URL format the_name_of_your_blog.blogspot.com. However, it is also possible for you to point your own custom domain name to your blog. Though that does not mean that you would host the service yourself. It would still be hosted by Google on blogger.com, but visitors would be able to reach your blog through your own domain name without being redirected to any other address. This is taken care of at the DNS level (I don’t want to go into that here). Please, note that you cannot host a blogger.com blog on a custom server as you can do (if you want to) with a WordPress blog. blogger.com still has full and total control over your blog. Violate any of their terms and conditions intentionally or not, and they would suspend your blog (Ask Linda Ikeji or Jide Ogunsanya of OgbongeBlog). Most of the time, it takes some time for them to put your blog up again if suspended.

There are other websites where you can create blogs/websites. Some of these are








If you are a programmer (or a “<tech>rammer” 😉 🙂 ), you can also decide to program your own blog from scratch, but why re-invent the wheel. It’s all a matter of choice anyway.

Cheers everyone.

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