Once in a while some bloggers have asked me in what ways would they be able to blog frequently without having their very own laptop. Really blogging can be so difficult if you don’t have a laptop and can be more difficult in the event that you are in a niche that obliges updating your blog such a number of times each day. For bloggers in technology, health and other niches that doesn’t require updating routinely as the news niche, you can in any case stay on top blogging even if you don’t have a laptop. So here in this post, I’ll show you how to blog frequently without your very own PC. I know someone might ask if it’s truly possible. In the wake of perusing to the end of this post you will know how conceivable it is.
Blogging with laptop
Beginning a blog is simple as ABC however making content for the blog is the place the main work lies.  You require a computer with internet connection. For some getting a laptop computer is not practical right now. So what would one be able to do to continue updating his blog routinely with new content? Getting a cell phone that is internet enabled is the first thing to do. You don’t have to buy a costly mobile phone and it doesn’t have to be a smart phone. How will the mobile phone help in respect to blogging? Let accept you have purchased the phone or you as of now have one, then follow these steps beneath.
If you have internet connection, login to your email account. Click on Compose and type your content. Edit and verify that you have no grammatical errors and spelling slips. At this point save the email as draft. If you will be linking to different sites, you ought to save the links. Do likewise for the pictures you want to use for that post.
Some individuals do post specifically from emails. Yet why I don’t encourage it is that, you will most likely be unable to justify your post, upload the picture(s) where you wish to fix them.
The next step is to visit the closest cyber cafe to publish the post. Let accept you are as of now at the cyber cafe. What you have to do is to login to your email and copy the save post to your blogger post editor. Add the sites you wish to linking to, include your image(s), label your post, include your search description and preview. If you are satisfied with what you have done then you should publish the post.
This methodology is much simpler than heading off to the cyber cafe and begin writing your post. It saves you time and cash. You can publish up to 4 posts in an hour on the off chance that you have composed and save them in your email. So don’t hold up until you purchase a PC you could call your own before you begin updating your blog with unique content.

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  1. Nice one Mazino. I've got a guy that disturbs me a lot because he doesn't have a laptop and he's working on his phone and cannot easily do some stuffs, and I'm like "Did God wipe off cyber cafes from the face of the earth?". He really needs to read this post. Well done bro.

  2. Very thoughtful and insightful post. When i saw the title of the post I was like.. Is this possible without a computer system. Thanks for throwing more light on this issue.


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