A semi-self-driving bus by Mercedes Benz is coming soon

Mercedes Benz has been working on a self-driving bus for some time and it’s gradually getting ready for the market. The bus code-named Future bus is being test-run in the Netherlands and…

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Facebook hits record number of users across its various apps

Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook on his Facebook page made an announcement on the number of users that made use of Facebook and other apps owned by Facebook yesterday, July 27, 2016.

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Do you want a bullet-proof phone? Here’s one.

Yes! A phone with a bullet-proof glass display exists. You have heard of Gorilla glass, Corning Gorilla glass blah! blah! However, this phone has a metal frame and a bullet-proof glass display that…

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GTBank introduces use of PIN instead of token

GTBank recently updated their mobile banking app to enable the use of a 4-digit PIN to authorise transactions instead of the use of a hardware token.

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This is how to turn your phone into a Gameboy

It is now possible to turn your smartphone into a Gameboy and enjoy both classic and recent games. Yes, the old hand-held game console made by Nintendo that we all grew up to love in the 90’s is back.

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